Who is Marion Moss?

Renaming an existing small business is hard. You want the name to reflect your aesthetic, your style, basically it has to reflect you. 
When I decided to rename Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events, it felt like the right thing to do. My sisters are no longer involved, but they’re among my biggest fans. I've relocated and my style has also evolved over the years to a place that the name doesn’t really fit any longer.  
First I made a list of people, places and things that inspire me. My great Aunt, Marion Streng, was first on the list. She was my favorite adult when I was growing up. She taught everyone in my family how to swim, she taught my father how to golf and she loved being outdoors. She taught me about being observant in nature, how to watch birds with binoculars, how to feed a horse a carrot or apple properly and how to make hummingbird food.  
Marion never married, she wore pants, and she taught modern dance at Barnard College in New York City from 1929-1938. The dance studio is named for her to this day.  
Marion was a trailblazer and an individual, she was stylish and strong but most of all she loved her family. When I think of her she reminds me of Katherine Hepburn, they could have been sisters.  
So where does moss come in? I just love moss. I am happiest in a mossy forest. When I was young, I wanted to be a tiny flower fairy living under a toadstool on a moss bed.  
I like to create things out of moss whenever I can. Pictured is my famous moss chair, I want to create a moss bed next! 

Scan 6.jpeg

Thank you to Retrospect Images for your photos of my famous moss chair on this page!

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