Marion Moss? Well, my name is Susan Kelly and I created the company name to reflect the aesthetic of my design and inspiration. My Great Aunt Marion was one of the most influential people in my life and moss? I just love moss!  
At Marion Moss FD our clients love to work with us because we create unique designs reflective of their personality and style. These are not your typical arrangements - think lush, unusual, whimsical and stunning with a natural, organic look! I am driven to source and grow the best, in season flowers for my clients from a delicate vine to the perfect shade of garden rose; the details are what excite me. I’m even growing special varieties on my property in Petaluma. 

I majored in Ornamental Horticulture and I love taking workshops every year from my flower idols (aka flower rock stars) to keep learning and growing, I read flower books and magazines – I may be a flower geek. I even put them on my sidekick Leo (when he lets me), I haven’t tried it on Flora yet! 
I live on an acre in Petaluma where I grow flowers and care for my small menagerie of two (big!) dogs, (Leo and Flora) two chickens, (Rosie and Posie) and two ducks, (Fauna and Fern). Chances are by the time you’re reading this I’ll have more animals – I can’t say no. I also have a small orchard of fruit trees and over 100 old English roses. It’s my dream come true to live here and create beautiful designs using materials from my own “Ranchette”.  
Marion Moss Floral Design specializes in: 

  • floral design for weddings and events  
  • workshops and training – group, private and one on one mentoring

Thank you to Meg Sexton for your photography on this page!